looking to get into archery, and purchace my first bow. i am 6'2" draw of 30. was told by cust service at another dealer to go no shorter than 55 AMO. i understand the added weight for longer draws and have decided 45# is a good place to start. (i may be searching for a 35# used cheapie too to get my form down)

i have my eye on the Martin Mamba 58" AMO and 45#

i will be mostly target shooting and bow hiking (hiking thru woods shooting natural targets like stumps). and would like the option of a good hunting bow if i went that direction. i dont have the money to buy several bows, so id like one good one, and one cheapie (w/ higher amo).

would like anyones opinion if they are tall themselfs, have a longer draw and use/tried the mamba.

thanks in advance. chris