Bwhahaha. It makes me laugh to hear all you notherners talk about the weather. Come live down in the swamps for a bit and you willknow what yard work is like. I have to mow at least once a week just to keep the weeds down. I am having a heck of a time right now as the zero turn keeps messing up and it takes sears at least a week to get out here. I am usually wishing for temps to drop into the 60's or god be good the 50's. I really would like to wear a jacket once in awhile instead of shorts adn t-shirts all year. Although it has been raining cats and dogs down here for the last few weeks I can't even break out the lawn mower or I will be sliding every where. It just starts to dry and then it rains again. I haven't even been able to make time to go get a thunder chicken yet.