Just wanted some opinions on this. I dont go over to AT much anymore I used to and when I first found it I thought I had really found something. Needless to say I must have been going through a "simple minded moment" .......it didnt take long before I realized that there was more going on there than meets the eye! It seems that "most" of the guys in the bowhunter section just want to shoot whatever they can in the name of bowhunting and then post the bloodiest pics they can. Then add in the archery section and if the animal wasnt shot with one of the big name bows plus a rage broadhead, well ......then the guy was pretty much an idiot and let the games begin! I know that as a younger man my views on hunting and archery were different than now.........I was young and bullet proof. Well Ive aged and I guess mellowed, I really enjoy things now, no pressure from buddies to kill every deer........or own all the latest gear. I just want to stay under the radar, enjoy my family, the outdoors and life! Its just my opinion but if the hunting and archery "industry" continues down the path its on then its only a matter of time. At this point in my life Im glad I own my own land and just keep to myself. Pretty sure my days over on AT are limited!