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    Default Deciding on NEW/First Bow

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to get into the sport of archery. I've done my research and know that I want a recurve over compound/Long. I stand about 6'3" 200+ Lbs. From that I've determined my draw length to be 30, and draw weight to be about 40-45#.

    What I'm looking for today are recommendations for what I should get as my first bow. I do have a money limit, however I would like your recommendation based with the assumption there is no money limit.
    So far I have been pointed towards the Saber/Jaguar Takedown, the Hunter Recurve, and Dream Catcher Recurve. I would buy the Saber/Jaguar brand new if I did, and the Hunter/Dream Catcher used.

    I intend to start off using it for target practice, with the hopes of hunting with it after a couple years.

    Thanks ahead of time for any of your help!
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