This happened this morning around 9-10 A.M. I received my new digital bow scale. I followed the instructions to a "T". As I pulled the bow back to check the weight....BOING!. My heart sank!. My cable slide blew off. String fell off the cams. Both cams are bent. The limbs look alright. What saved them was the TT smack down rest. The rest is bent from holding the weight of the lower limb from not fully opening and probably causing more damage. The bow is still under tension from the buss cable. This is not Martins fault but my fault. I am pissed at myself. I'm never using one of these type of bow scales again. The ring on the scale moved causing the bow to jerk. I called and left Joel a message about what happened. About an hour later he called me back and took my info down. He gave me an RA number. Later I drove up to town and at 12:24 I had it at the post office insured and ready to ship back to Martin Archery for some TLC from Joel and the crew. It was totally my fault. While I was up there I went ahead and returned the Bow scale too. I'm gonna look for an hand held version so i can nock an arrow while checking my bows weight and if it dry fires , it won't damage the bow.
I had done some research on AT and a guy had posted that he had one of those handheld scales and he was concerned that it wasn't accurate so he was looking for a digital scale that hangs off the ceiling or wall. I decided on buying the hanging scale instead of the hand held version. Another member posted that he likes the handheld version better for the bows safety. He nocks an arrows while checking the bows weight and if it dry fires, the bow won't get damaged. ( I thought to myself, it won't happen to me!) It did. I have learned from it for sure.

If your reading this because your on the fence about purchasing a Martin or Rytera bow You will feel confident and at ease knowing that if something happens.....
Joel and Martin Archery Service and support is there to help. Martin Archery Warranty is top notch!!!!!.
Thank you Joel and Martin Archery!.