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Thread: Shadowcat draw mod alignment

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    Shops don't normally stockthins like extra modules for the Nitro cams. My suggestin would be to call the warranty dept and talk to Joel. Explain the situation and formly but nicely ask for a new set of modules. I've seen a few of these where the holes aren't drilled in a concentric manner.
    This is the first I have head of any alignment issues with the modules. The quickest way to get it taken care of would be to visit a local dealer for inspection and have them call us for replacements. If a dealer calls we can generally ship parts within 24 hours. If dealing direct with the customer we require that parts are sent to the factory prior to shipping new ones. We can work with ANY archery dealer in your area that is willing to help.

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    Hi Joel and others,

    Thank you all for the suggestions. I took it to the shop, and we determined that the problem wasn't misalignment of the holes but a little bit extra metal on the edge of the mod(looked like a bit left over from the machining process), it was hitting up against the cam when the mod was turned over to the shortest position. We filed it down a bit and now it fits perfectly!!

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