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    Hey everyone,
    I am having problems with my center serving just below the nocking point. The serving tends to twist and move. Sometimes it works loose and even doubles over on it self. It gets to the point that it slides down and bunches up. I can move it back and shoot a few more arrows and its back to the same problem again. I tried to have a bow string made by someone else and it did it on that string as well, however it took more arrows before it happen.
    If I had shot thousands or even hundreds of arrows I could accept it. But it does this even after 50 or 60 arrows. I have tried different tensions on my serving jig. I have been told that my center serving is wound to tight but when I try looser the problem gets worse. I have also tried different sizes of nocking points. I was wondering if maybe the twist of the bow string might have something to do with it or maybe the size of serving. Maybe the arrow nocks are too tight on the string, however I do not think they are. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any ideas how to fix this problem. I would like to continue making my own strings but I need to fix this problem.
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