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    Default How many times have you heard ...

    Person: "What kind of bow is that?"
    Me/You: It's an Alien X by Rytera

    Person: "Oh I've never heard of it"
    Me/You: What do you shoot?

    Person: "Oh I got a Hoyt ..."
    Me/You - think to myself: Figures ... I knew before I even asked.

    To add even more funny to the story ... dude didn't even know which Hoyt it was.
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    I personally enjoy it when Mathews shooters bash their own bows. One w a Reezen says its the biggest piece of Sh.. He's ever had and not worth the money. Another guy emailed the other day about my Quest cuz his Mathews Z? Is on its second set of limbs and just derailed on him. Paid $700 used and not covered by warranty so he just threw it in the garbage. It made me smile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HawgEnvy View Post
    Paid $700 used and not covered by warranty so he just threw it in the garbage. It made me smile.
    Way too funny but sooooooooooo true.
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    Had a guy at our local shop walk in with a "M" Monster. After struggling to get it pulled back, he took a shot through the chrono. Got 312 out of it. Then the shop owner shot his Pearson through, 310 fps. I grabbed my Onza, and got 304. All of us shooting the same arrow, same draw weight, my draw being 1 inch shorter than theirs. Made me smile knowing I had a quieter, faster, and less expensive bow. Both of them just kinda walked off. lol
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    Yea i have a friend of mine who was a PSE guy for ever he used to tell us how great they were than last year he bought a mathews z 7 because they were sooooo great he never even shot the thing spent $800 on it. From then on he was Mr. mathews til he shot it now he is having all kinds of problems with it! I just sit back and laugh! He could have bought two of my bows and still be shooting!
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