I had to pass this along, this stuff never ceases to amaze me! I was at my local bow shop yesterday the owner and the guys that work there are really good friends of mine and over the years I help out from time to time when they are busy or short handed. Anyway, yesterday turned into one of those days. Shortley after lunch a guy cam in with his girlfriend he wanted to pick up his bow that had been droped off a few weeks ago for some cam /cable repair. I ask him what brand the bow was and he couldnt tell me!! I ask him if it was a split limb bow......camo anything that could help me locate it, and he came up blank. As luck would have it he did know his name and I found his bow in back with a ticket hanging on it with his name. Just before I found it he told me that he was pretty sure it was a Hoyt.............turned out to be a Bowtech. Just before I left another guy and his wife came in...........same thing, he couldnt tell me the brand of his bow! Some times I think people shoot archery or own archery equipment just because its the "in" thing to do at this time. Maybe thier friends do it and they get into it just to fit in..............I have no idea the answer to this, it just amazes me when I encounter this.