I was in attendance at the 2012 ASA Southwest Shootout in Paris TX, The course was awesome! (Extremely muddy though) I usually shoot my Bamboo Viper, but unfortunately the string was damaged and I didn't have a spare...I know, shame on me! The date of the tournament crept up on me, and I simply didn't get a string in time. So I took my spare longbow and headed out. Another unfortunate and unplanned error on my part was forgetting to grab my correctly spined arrows for my spare. The arrows I had didn't agree too well the spare longbow. I had horrible arrow flight..and shot 100 pts under my abilities. Lesson learned..anyway back to the point of the thread..why are there no Martin Pro Staff Traditional Shooters? There were Hoyt Pro Staff Traditional shooters in attendance, that's what spurred me to ask. If there actually are, I apologize for my ignorance. It just seemed odd, and is a simple observation. I will post up some pics when I get home of the event..