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    Default DIY B Stinger minus weight

    As the title says I made a couple B stingers. I bought one of those aluminum telescoping Trekking poles in the sporting goods dept at wal mart Yesterday. I used the middle section to build the one in these pics. It is 10.5" long. I used to bigger section to build another that is currently got the JB Weld drying right now. It is 8" long. I haven't decided what to use for a weight although I have some ideas.

    I started by using a tubing cutter to cut the pieces to length. Then I filled both tubes with expanding foam being careful to stop before it came out the ends. Just a squirt is all it took. I used a 5/16"X 24X 1 1/2 bolt and nut for the stud. For the middle section (longer one) I had to roll the bolt and nut on the grinding wheel to get it to where it would slip inside the tube. On the biggest section (shorter one) I simply scuffed the bolt and nut up and it fit perfectly inside. The nuts is screwed all the way up to end of the threads so when you slip it inside the tube it holds it level so it doesn't dry at an angle. On the end I threaded 3 1/4X20 nuts on a bolt and snugged them together then I coated with JB Weld and slipped them inside. I had to roll them on the grind wheel to get them to fit inside the middle (longer) piece but on the shorter one I had to to super glue them to a couple 5/16" nuts for a shim.

    Total cost breakdown: Trekking Pole $13, Expanding foam $2.50, JB Weld $4, and nuts and bolts $.96 (charged by the lb), weight unknown

    DSCF5178.JPG DSCF5177.JPG

    DSCF5176.JPG DSCF5175.JPG
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