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i thought the same when i was looking for a new sight. DURABILITY. My exile originally came with a copper john saxon 2. I cracked the mounting bracket on the first one and copper john warranteeed it no quesitions asked,then i cracked the 2nd and got a new sight. I probably got the physically toughest sight on the market the axel armotech, but its probably also the heaviest. Its not like your going to throw your bow on the ground or run over it, just because your sight isnt made of metal doesnt mean it isnt tough enough. the sights named are all tough sights. another good company is extreme archery products, they are similar looking to axion
Thats what i was reffering to by axt and i really like there carbon carnivore but a little to much cash for my liking thats why i was looking at the primal x5