Thanks. Our styles are a little different. In N. AZ if you can find a good well used game trial especially for Elk a tree stand and or blind works great. If you're looking for that big Mule Buck black bear you have to hit the deep canyons and remote areas and try to surprise and or get in on them. Allot of what I do is spot and stock and or set up on a remote water hole/cattle tank in late afternoon. You need to be able hit that 70 or 80 yard shot depending on wind and or daylight left here in Az. I will pick a pack up and try some testing with them out over 60 yard. I do like the right twist I'm shooting as my groups are tighter with a fixed broadhead. IV' gave up on expendables, just too many issues with opening and or not opening. My success has been with a good fixed broadhead. But like any bow hunter, patience is essential to success. I think it come with age. Slick Trick is good for me but I do like that cut on contact broadhead that the Phatheads has to offer.