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Yeah mine will take a sts, the riser has a groove machined kinda like the cable guard fits in and it has two bolts that hold it in place. Took an act of congress to find it and Joel finally helped me out. I'm surprised yours does not have the same groove in it. I had a limb saver sts on at first but it made this weird metal on metal sound when the string hit it, so I took it off after I found this one. Hopefully this will quiet it down a little more. Oh if you do see you have the groove in there the part number for the sts is 8812 not the one on the website
i went to dicks sporting goods and they still had some 2011 exiles on the shelf, and they ahd the groove cut in them. i have an early 2011 exile with no groove for an sts, and the one they had on their 2011 website didnt have one, but im glad to see they fixed that and started cutting them for the sts.