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1. Resonably priced bows, with the $ as tight as it is for some out there right now there is simply no better bang for your buck. You can buy a Martin bow and deck it out with the best accesories and still come in under the price of a bare bow from many manufactures.
2. The best CS hands down, espcially for those of us in remote places (nearest pro shop is a 2 hr drive and $50 bucks in gas) I can't even get the simplest of parts for another bow without jumping through the dealer hoop, just need a simple string stop part and it's no go. Joel has helped me out more than once to get my bow back up and running.
3. My 2011 Onza was an early version and had it's share of trg/sos problems, the riser was not cut to recieve the sts, sent it in and a NEW bow came in about a week.
Why Martin is my goto bow!
are you telling me that martin drilled a hole so you could fit a rear mounted sts. Funny i ran into that situation with them with my 2011 exile and that wasnt an option.