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The teflon slide from my old bow DID NOT fix the problem which was somewhat a surprise to me. I had a 3D competition this weekend and the weather was going to be cold and rainy. I did not want to fight with the arrow rest trouble again. I made two changes to my setup (that I didn't even have a chance to test in rainy conditions before the competition):

- I used a Hoyt cable slide (made of black plastic, not teflon. The plastic feels harder than the original Martin slide, though.)
- I lubricated the cable guard rod with silicone spray

Result: no problems whatsoever, even though the weather was the worst possible!

I know that some people think you should not lubricate the cable guard. I think I may wery well continue doing so, as it seems to be the only way to make things work with QAD Ultrarest HD drop-away rest in cold/rainy weather. Or, I will change the rest back to the idiot-proof Whisker Biscuit

Unfortunately, I cannot be sure which one was the reason of fixing the problem: the Hoyt slide or the lubricant. My guess is the lubricant...
I too clean my cable slide rod using a silicone lubricant and have good results with this. I also use a good qaulity automotive wax on the rod.......this seems to hold up longer.