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Thread: Cable Slides?

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    I tried all the different cable slides I have......tried them out on my Onza while ago with the help of my chrono. I wanted to see if any of them gave me any more speed and if they changed how the bow felt at the draw, more noise, less noise.......stuff like that. Well, from what I saw none of them gave me any more speed.......noise didnt change much and I felt no difference in the draw cycle. So with that being said I think it all comes down to how they wear and react in damp weather. Im thinking the hyper-glyde should cover the bases. The ones I used consisted of pure teflon, teflon composite, delin and the hyper-glyde.
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    Dude, I did the same thing about 10 years ago and got pretty much the same results. I think I tried about 8 different slides and there was no more than 2 fps between them. I basically just decided to go with the Simms teflon to ensure no chatter or squeaking when shooting in wet weather.
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    I have a Saunders Hyper-Glide and use it with my home-made TRG rod and it works very nice. And it's smoother than the teflon OEM slide (which also worked well). I haven't checked whether it provides any speed gains.
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