Hi everyone! I am trying to get into archery hunting with my fiance and am starting to look around for bows, unfortunately, there is just not much out there for ladies bows. According to the guy at Cabela's my draw length is 26" and I am not sure how much I can draw for weight since I have only done some internet research at this point and not tried shooting anything yet (although I'd like to think I am not a total weakling and I'm not scared to work up to a higher weight either). Due to the length and weight most guy's bows don't seem like they would work for me to start out and learn with. We will be doing backpacking and spot and stalk type hunting so weight is also a consideration for me. Main game we go after will be elk and possibly deer too. The salesmen at Cabelas and Wholesale sports both pushed a Diamond Razor Edge on me as pretty much my only choice. I came across Martin online and the bows seem like excellent quality and price, fairly adjustable, plus I love the fact they are made by a 3rd generation family in the USA and not some factory in China like Walmart crap. I was considering trying the Exile since it would fit my draw length and be adjustable for weight as I improve. Anyone else have any comments on what they think of the Exile? How do you feel it compares to competitor bows like the Razor edge? Does it seem to hold up to wear and shoot ok? Any input for what other bows I should consider? Sorry to bombard you with questions, but any advice would be great. Thanks!