My new limbs were on my front porch when I got home from work yesterday.
I put my bow all back togeather and cranked the limb bolts down and backed them out an 1/8 turn and sent the tiller, then went to draw the bow.
I couldn't pull it back, I thought...Dang I must be getting real I thought I might of routed the cables wrong or something so I grabbed my backup Shadowcat and they matched up. Now the new limbs are 60 pound max limbs and I know I can pull 60 pounds. So I backed the limb bolts out untill it felt right and put it on my scale, it read 57 pounds. The limbs are backed out to where the bolts are just sticking out of the barrle nuts and there is over a 1/4" gap between the limb and riser.
I took the bow out to my back yard and shot it, it feels real mushy, when it drops into the valley you can hardly feel it and when I loose the arrow it just kind of goes mush and is shooting real low to the left.
I am going to pull it apart tonight when I get home to make sure everything is right, but this has me wondering what is going on. I will do an update tonight once I ter into the bow.