Hello I won a new Excile . I took the bow to the bow shop to get set up for me.
30 draw.Peep sight .
When I got the bow home to shoot it. The peep sight would turn to the inside of the bow.
I took it back to the shop .He put the peep sight back in. I took it home ,the same thing the string would turn into the bow .And then it fell out. I took it back to the shop. I was told the string strands are broken I need a new string and cables. He told me he could not put new string on with out the cables being replace. It would off set the bow .Strings can be thicker.
Is this guy a crook or is the string on my bow bad. The string would turn every time I shot the bow. I have never had any trouble with my other bows. He told me new cables strings 100 bucks. New string only 60 bucks. Really would like your thought on this. He seems to be young .
Really love the bow but with the string moving in and out I am frustrated .