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    I am a new member to the archey section of hunting. i was invited to go carbou hunting with some friends next season in canada. i was wondering if i should use the same arrows and points as i am using for when i go hunting? also i am shooting 55lb draw weight and easily bringing down deer will this be enough to bring down a larger animal like the caribou?

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    Hello and congrats on the chance to hunt caribou!

    I have been bow hunting since I was big enough to shoot, but only got a bit more serious the past 2 years. I guess I say this so you know Im certainly no expert, but I really enjoy hunting with a bow. I was just watching Ted Nugents show the other day and his wife killed a wildabeast in Africa shooting 44lbs and a 2 blade broadhead. Those appear to be some very tough critters and if she can get one down with a well placed shot at that light poundage, Im guessing you wont have a problem with your weight.
    A couple of things they did stress about her hunt that I totally agree with were shot placement and arrow weight. The first is rather obvious but shooting a heavy enough arrow to penetrate lager game might not come to mind so quick. I know a lot of the guys that I know that shoot on occasion only seem to think about lighter arrows for more speed. But I have learned a bit about arrow weight in relation to kinetic energy which is basically "punching power" and a heavier arrow at a slightly slower speed will penetrate better. Add in a good cut on contact broadhead and chase whatever big game you choose.
    Maybe some of my ramblings with give you something to work with or a bit more confidence in your gear.
    I hope you get to go on this trip and wish you the best of luck.
    John in MI.

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    I have always dreamed to hunt a caribou one day, unfortunatly i live in oregon so it will be hard to do that because of the distance and the expenses for a plane ticket.

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    Another thing to consider when choosing your BH/arrow comb. is the wind you will encounter up north. Practice with your set-up on the windiest days you can to see what effect it will have. I actually used a smaller cut on contact head (ABC) 100 gr. and BI-Delta vanes. The Bi-deltas are extremely forgiving in cross winds, and are still available through Lancaster Archery.

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