Just as the title says. The bow I am getting dipped at hanover hydrographics right now is about 15 years old. It is a 1997 or maybe 1998 speed demon in my signature. By the time I get it done I may be a hundred or so short of the cost of a new bow. The only reason I decided to spend money on redoing this bow, besides the fact it is well balanced and shoots so dang well, is mainly cause it is all synthetic cables and as far as I know a machined aluminum riser. I figured if it was a cast riser or if it had steel cables I would never redo it. I am excited but I got to admit I am starting to wonder if I am a fool. As far as bows have come in technology in the last decade, I am starting to feel like I am throwing my money down the drain.

My question is how many of you have redone an older bow that still shoots well even though it is technically not worth it or not cost effective? Did you feel guilty after you did? My wife told me I am an impulse person and I don't stop to think about stuff before I rush out and do them. This may be the case this time.