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    Default bow tuning oversimplified

    My silencer has been drilling dimes for a few weeks now. Tonight while shooting I just happened to notice by chance that my arrow and my stab did not follow a perpendicular line with each other. It was pretty bad. Looking down from the top cam with bow standing on ground and arrow centered on arrow rest, the arrow shaft and stab made a narrow X pattern with each other. I knew this couldn't be right. Logic tells me that if centershot is dead on or close, then the arrow shaft when nocked would follow a perpendicular line with other bow components that are running in a straight line with the riser, in particular a stabilizer that is straight off the front. So regardless of how my bow shot, I had to set it right. So I moved my Apache rest a full number on its graduated slide. I went from 2 1/4 on the scale to 1 1/4 to get the arrow in a straight line with my stab. Then I readjusted my sight until I was again hitting bullseyes. At both settings (before and after) at longer distances the arrows "seemed" to fly straight without fishtailing. I have been led to believe if centershot is off it affects arrow flight. So why was the arrows flying so nice before with the centershot obviously off so bad?

    And I have yet to be able to bare shaft tune this bow. no matter how good the arrows fly or how tight my groups are, a bare shaft flies so wildly that it misses the target completely at 20 yards. i got one bare shaft stuck half sideways in a 2x4 wall stud of my garage 10 inches to the left of my target that I can't remove. I moved my centershot back to the 2 1/4 to experiment and the second bare shaft hit 3 inches from the first one. Both these were with a fletched arrow in a bullseye before. My older bow bare shaft tuned nicely at 20 yards.

    Someone explain to me just what I am experiencing? I am hitting where I aim. I just don't know what in the heck is going on with this bow.
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