so i was sighting in my 2011 exile with my new victory vap arrows, they only shot a little lower than my easton axis arrows so this was going to be a quick tune. i starting shooting and adjusted my sight as needed and was getting closer and closer to being dead on. all of a sudden my bow shot a foot low. so i immediately thought well it must be my for or the arrow. I shot another and another and the group was tight but 1 ft low. I have am axel armotech sight and i was simply micro adjusting it so there is not it could have slipped,plus it has numbers on the rail and i know where it was. i looked over my bow, and i do have some string wear from when i used to have the trg, but its always been that way. i tried adjusting my sight to its maximum limit completely bottomed out and it still shoots in the same place, a foot low. i adjust my sight in both directs up and down, and it still shoots very low with little change 3-4 inches up or down. what could of happened to cause this. im going turkey hunting in kansas next week, and i need to get this issue resolved before i go.