I built a paper tune rack today and did my first paper tune. I started at 5-10 feet or so and when i was shooting bullet holes i moved to 10 yards and was still shooting good holes. I was reading how to do it out of an older Martin owners manual in the back section it told how to paper tune. Keep in mind I am left handed so the actions were reversed for me. I started with a right tear (fletchings going through to the right of POI). Here's what the owners manual says in a quote:
Right tear
(fletching tears to the right of point)
This tear may signal:

Note:If you are left handed do these steps in reverse.

Arrow rest too far to the right
Move arrow rest to the left

Since I am LH I reversed this and moved my rest to the right but the more I moved it the worse it got. Moving my rest to the right gained me nothing. So I moved it back to original starting place and started moving it to the left and thats when I started gaining. I ended up a few clicks to the left of where I started. In the end i was shooting clean holes. I dialed in my sight at 10 yards. Then I moved to 20 and the same pin was hitting good. By this time I was getting a tad shaky so my 30 yard shots were not steady enough for me to base anything on.

Anyone know why my adjustments were the opposite of what the book said I should be doing?