I got a question about sights. All my sights are like most modern sights in that they have a gang adjustment as well as individual pin adjustment. If you got your 20 and 30 yard pins dialed in and hitting excellent, then you change the tuning on your bow( like centershot via paper tuning) and get your arrows to flying even better than before, and once you use the gang adjustment to get your 20 yard pin dialed back in shouldn't your 30 yard pin still be dialed in?

In other words shouldn't the spacing between the pins remain the same as before?

All things else are equal like poundage, spine, tip weight ect. So if anything the FPS may have increased slightly due to better flight meaning that the arrow could, if at all, have LESS drop than before. But today it seemed like my 30 yard pin was shooting way low after 20 was dialed in. And I never took the pins loose. I readjusted my sight after all rest adjustments were completed with the gang adjustments only. As mentioned in my other post, I was getting tired and it could have been shake. But it seemed on my better shots it still hit kinda low. I wouldn't think the pin spacing would have changed at all.