Hey guys I have a 2012 Martin Silencer with fury single cam. It is 60# 28.5 DL with a 375 gr arrow. I am not all that worried about speed but Iím not getting what I think this bow should produce. I am only getting 262 FPS. From what I see on OT2 and Archers Advantage it should be around 275+. This is with a peep; d-loop and factory speed nocks (drop a way rest). I normally shoot this with it on the -10# peg with the limbs maxed out, but for testing I did try it on the standard peg with the limbs backed down to 60#s also. I also set it to 73.3#s (maxed out) and 29.5 DL (as long as I could go with same arrow) and I was only getting 290 FPS. Am I just thinking about this too much, I am really not the guy who is worried about every FPS I can get. If it is low why? Cam seems to be in sync ATA is ok and BH is ok. Sorry for the short story but this is driving me nuts.