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A hit it pretty well. They hit the same place as field points. Of course this is the WHY of the acceptsance of mechanicals in the first place. That was years ago. It was supposed to be a magical fix until some of their flaws started popping up. Fragile blades, deflections on quartering shots and loss of kinetic energy to open the blades. Rubber bands to retain them which I always found to be a royal PITA.

As time has passed more people are getting to see or read about some ofthe short comings of some designs. Also there has been an educating of the importance of bow/arrow tuning to the general public. Something some still don't know anything about or don't want to take the time to learn and do.

I guess they have their place, but not in my quiver. I take too much pride in being able to tune and taking the time to do so. Also to be considered is that because it takes energy tom open them up there needs to be more initial energy imparted to the arrow coming out of the bow. Well, I can't draw enough weight to muster that needed energy and wisely admit it to myself and anybody that asks. Therefore I have to, by necessity, shoot fixed (replaceable blade) heads out of respect for the animals I hunted.

For me there's one other aspect--- price. I am appalled at the prices most of these sell for and even more so the gullibility of people who would pay it. Only a couple years ago some were selling for $30 for a three pack when something like Wasp SST and Muzzys were selling for $25 for six. They both accomplish the same thing and for as much shooting at animals I do/did I just couldn't justify the cost of mechanicals. Take the Rage Titaniums for example. $80 for a pack of three? Who's kidding who?

On another note how about Lighted nocks? Guys will buy the cheapest arrows they can find and then pay $10 each for the cool looking lighted nock. I think people are somewhat stupid. I had a good coach years ago that taught me something. He said "The best shots you ever make will be the ones where you never see the arrow". In other words aim the bow and execute the shot. The arrow will be where the pin was when the bow went off.

OK, enough of my ranting.
Alot of good in this........the basics and satisfaction of tuning your own bow, in order to achieve perfect flight. I hope that this art isnt lost in the " I gotta have it fast and now generation". As for the lighted nock thing thats going on.................Im really impressed with the new Fusion Zeon vanes, I fletched up ah dozen the other day and took them outside, they really gather alot of light in the mornings and late evenings. They will be on my arrows this fall!