Hey guys. Got my new limbs and bow back from the shop and need some help getting it back in tune. I have read the thread over on AT about the CAT cams, but I haven't done a lot of extensive tuning myself so that stuff is like spanish to me. I have a 2011 Silencer and ATA is suppose to be 31.25" and mine is 32" right now. BH is suppose to be 7" and mine is 7.25". The tiller is actually pretty darn close to one another. I will have to get pictures of the cams tomorrow so I can tell if the strings are hitting the groove the same time. but i would like a little more let off. Right now the let off is half way between the - and the + with maybe just a tad closer to the + side. How would I go about getting more let off but still having my cams time up? Also, how do I make twists into the cables with out a bow press?