Don't look for it to be any time soon. I still have to get my new bow so I have something to shoot and then play around with the OLD 2011 bow. I'll have to borrow a chrono, too.

Hoestly, my chrono bit the dust a few years back. I knocked over the tripod and it was dust after that. I think it's one of the best things that ever happened to me. For years I chased that mythical 300 fps, but having a 27"- draw length it was a futile attempt. Then in 2004 I got a Martin Slayr, set it up at 27 1/2", tweaked it to the best of my ability and got 308 fps wth an arrow at 5 gr/lb. Then shortened the bow to 27 and got 299 fps. This extra speed added about 4-5 points to my score on a 30 target 3D course as compared to bows shooting about 265 fps.

Since then I've had some muscle loss issues (long story) and look more for a smoother drawing bow without the hump at the top of the draw cycle. I won't shoot a smooth single cam when I can get the same speed with a hard cam, but at 8# less draw weight. To me poundage is just a number. When I get a bow now I set it up and chrono it at the shop to have an idea of it's potential, but never quit tinkering and chaning stuff so really have no idea of the speed any more and it really doesn't matter. If I execute the shot it's there. If not then it does't matter how fast it gets there.