Hey guys,
Been a while since I've been on here. Got another boy added to the growing family, and that puts a dampner on my time on line.
Anyway, I'm currently using x system broadheads, cant remember who makes them, but anyway its a fixed 2 blade, with 2 blades that come out as a mechanical. So its a hybrid. Shot a small deer at 10 yds, died with in eye sight maybe 60 yds away. Huge hole, no blood trail cause it was raining.
So I love how it kills, but i had to change my rest, and tune and do a bunch of crazy stupid things to my bow to get them to group, and they never did group with my field tips. (i dont want help tuning my bow so try and keep those tips off the thread). I'm a hopeless tinkererererererer, and am thinking of switching to the new grim reaper 3 blade white tail special with a 2" cut. I want them to fly like my field tips no muss no fuss.
My bow is a bowtech ( I know I know not a martin, long story behind it), 320gr arrow, going 275 fps, 55lbs roughly of kinetch energy last time I calculated it. ( I have super short t rex arms 26" draw, and shoot 54 lbs comfortably)
Anyway all that long background to say do you think i have enough ke to get pass throughs?
thanks for the advice.