Just recently I was going crazy with fletching flying off left and right, I mean flying off in mid air. I was preparing the arrow the same way as ever; 1. Strip damaged fletching with a serrated end of a knife (this is like an Ez striper tool), 2. I then lightly sand with very low abrasive sandpaper on the shaft to clean them up, 3. Clean arrow shaft and fletching with alcohol 86% to get all excess materials off. Using and AZ Ez-Fletch mini right helical turn tool and Goat Tuff Premium glue. I then let hang for about 5 minutes and then remove and wait 24hr before I would shoot them. I have always used Blazer and or AAE Max Hunter. Currently I'm shooting Easton Axis End-Fused 340 with AAE Max hunters. Up to this point I have never had a problem with fletching since God was a Corporal. I tried changing the process, adding to much/too little glue, washing with soap, using and hair dyer to dry shafts, reading articles and Tech Form's, trying other process. I was just about to give up; I order some new glue from AAE. I had no more options. "Well Walla that worked". The funny thing is that I was at my local archery shop and telling the story when the store owner told me that Goat Tuff called his store and told him that they had bad lot # of glue. After checking the serial #'s on the bottle I was using, well YEP I had one of those lot #'s. The store owner gave me a new bottle of glue. Goat Tuff told him that every once in a while they will have a bad lot of glue and or the glue gets too old. So the moral of the story now is, don't buy big boltless of glue that will site around a long time. I also like the AAE product better know.... So don't give up.