I can't find the thread or post, but a while back there was something posted to the effct that the new carbon STS will not fit 2011 bows or earlier. I assume this pertains to the Martin line. I also assume that the reason this was assumed was because the carbon STS is thread and fits into a barrlel nut which fits in a quick disconnect slot machined in the back of the 2012 risers. Well, out of curiosity I checked out my 2011 Nemisis last night and lo and behold there is a threaded hole some inches below the slot where the standard STS mounts. From this I'm going say that the carbon STS will fit the 2011 Nemisis.

Being mounted lower I don't know how effective it would be, but maybe it's worth a shot. The only modification needed would be to add a nut to the STS so it can be locked into position once fitted, but that might be included with the STS itself. I think I'm going to order one and try it.