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    Default Homemade B Stinger Tutorial

    This is a brief tutorial of how I have been making my homemade B Stingers. I posted this on Archery talk as well and wanted to get it on here but just now have had the time. The aluminum tube can be bought at wal mart in the form of a telescoping golf ball retriever or a telescoping trecking pole. The nice thing about the trecking poles is they come in all sorts of cool anodized colors. For this tutorial I used a golf ball retriever and it is silver. Both poles will cost you 13 bucks a piece at wal mart.

    What you will need is a piece of 5/8" aluminum tubing, a 5/16X 1 1/2X 24 allen head bolt, 3 5/16X24 nuts, an extra 5/16 nut of any thread pitch, a 1/4X20 coarse thread long nut, a tubing cutter, sandpaper, JB Weld, super glue, a 1/4X20 coarse thread bolt, some packing foam, a pocket knife, a small file, and some 1/4X2" fender washers for the end weight.


    The first step is to cut your tube to length. Then take a pocket knife debur the inside of the tube as the tubing cutters have a tendency to flare the tube inwards. Then take your sandpaper and sand the inside of both ends really well as well as removing the razor sharp edge on each end.


    Then take your packing foam and use your tube as a cookie cutter. The foam used here is inside a dish network reciever box on new receivers. I get it at work.Slowly put light downward pressure on the foam as you spin the tube back and forth in a twisting motion just like your cutting cookies. The tube will cut through the foam as you twist and you will have a nice little plug of foam inside your tube. Do this as many times as you need to fill your tube with foam leaving a small amount on each end for your inserts. I like to actaully compress the foam together when I stick my second insert in and glue it.


    Take your 1 1/2 allen bolt and thread your 3 nuts on all the way and tighten with a wrench. Notice the grind marke on the nuts. I like to grind divets in each nut on the FLATS ONLY to give the JB Weld something to really bite into. The reason it is flats only is because the 5/16 nuts fit perfectly inside a 5/8" tube so the nuts are being used to hold everything square and plum while the jb weld dries. The JB weld fills in the areas between the flats and the tube. Take a small file and just "knock" each point of each nut with it to scuff it a little. This will still give you a snug fit inside the tube but not so snug that you need pliers to pull it should something need changed. also take your 1/4 long nut and grind divets on it as well. On it it doesn't matter if you grind divets on the points as it doesn't fit snug. More on that later.

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