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Thread: changing let off on scepter v

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    Default changing let off on scepter v

    I know it can be done but i am really confused on how. I have been out of archery for the last 10 years and just got a scepter v to replace my scepter 2. I like to shoot way more poundage in the valley than i am getting out of the newer scepter. i am used to holding 21 pounds in the center of the valley and all i can get at 55 pounds out of the scepter v is 14. draw is set at 27 inches. i shoot back tension and the extra poundage to me is a plus for execution of my shot. as for the bow i love the bow!!! the older scepter 2 was in my opinion one of the best bows ever. i shot many a 60 out of the bow. anyhow many thanks. also if i can decrease let off will the valley be really critical? i played with the draw stop and all but i got such a short valley it was scary. one other question on the cam where the inner cables hook up to the bow should the serving be seperating? where it wraps on the cam or i call it the powerside it is seperated and the inner strands are showing on the cam itself it dont look good to me.
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