Hi Bro out there,

Im quite new to archery.
i need help from you guys and girls to solve my confusion for my Rytera Nemesis.

First of all
My draw length is short, is at 27" and the cam module needs to be set at no.1 for the shortest
draw length. as the draw length gets shorter, does this mean, the cam rotate lesser? compare to a
archer who has a 29" draw length? It feels like my cam is under rotation? How do i fix this problem?
Please advice?
Or i have to face the fact that shorter draw length archer has this disadvantage?

The current draw length is not quite there, therefore i try to shorten the draw length by
tinny bit.Just to get the right feeling when anchoring.
To shorten the draw length, i think i need to untwist (2 twist) the cable rite? and add some twist to the string.
i Did it last nite. i can feel a small little difference. Feels alrite.... not much difference
So this morning i headed to my backyard, and shoot 10 arrows. floating is good. grouped well.
But the Bow seem loud. HEADACHE now. Previous set up is by the previous
owner of the bow, and the bow sound "tup". issit normal for a bow sound liddat?
Now is "Twang" checked everythings, not loose parts. Is my timing not correct?

Talkabout the Brace Height and the ATA. Brace Height measure 7.25" and ATA is 34.75" at current.
im too far from the BH and ATA standard? Nemesis read as 7" and 34"
Before i untwist the cable, the BH 7.3 or .4" and the ATA almost the same.
So, my problem. BH and ATA is not parallel. BH increase, ATA drop. ATA increase BH drop.
Am i Right? or im on the wrong track of tuning the cable and string. Or its OK to have such BH and ATA. it wouldnt hurt. the standard spec is for reference.

Timing, i have my knocking point line up with berger hole, i think most of us does that,
so, meaning we are knocking the arrow off center of the string rite? if mathematically calculation the knocking point is higher if the string divided by two.
If this is the case, timing is related, true? Since the knocking is not perfect center on the bow string.
and is much higher, so the bottom part of the string, or the bottom cam has more room to rotate? Correct me if im wrong.I Kinda confused. If that is the case, meaning the cable feeds into the bottom cam has to be a little bit shorter then the top cam? How should i heading now???
Sorry, i do not have a draw board. so i only can trial and error for best performance.

All your reply and words is appreciated. Thanks in advance

wow... i didnt know im so confused in archery. i though i can just buy a bow, and Happy Shooting.
Now i try to tune the bow all by myself as the local archery shop here cost bomb for using their services,
I start getting addicted in tuning and hand is itchy, but a lot of things i would like to ask around, but cant find the right person to ask as
im tuning the bow alone, and nobody does it at my place, because they just love to send their bow to the pro shop. "Bang"