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No worries man...I get complaints that we don't answer emails (we do) or return phone calls (we do) all the time. I had a guy last week that said he called 12 times without a call back...when I asked him if he ever once left a message he said "No"...kinda hard to call that guy back. Then you get folks that will spill their whole life story on the answering machine before they decide to leave a number...by then the message space has run out and the phone number isn't recorded. We get many calls from cell phone users that are so broken up due to poor reception that it is impossible to make out any of the details. Then we get people that will call and leave a message to tell you they just emailed you. In a perfect world I would have 5 guys working behind me that would be able to take every call in real time but it just isn't feasible.

So if I had any advice for callers that get an answering machine it would be to only say your name and phone number, then repeat it. Short, sweet and to the point. If leaving a phone message, please don't turn around and call back. The way the phone system works is that I have to listen to each and every message and I don't have the option of deleting until the call is finished...this can take an incredible amount if time each day. Same goes for email. If you do email...check your spam/junk boxes just in case.

Thanks for the great info! Now that we know what you are looking for in an email or phone message i am sure we will all try and make your life a little easier!!! Keep up the great work.