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Thread: Sad day today!!!!

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    Unhappy Sad day today!!!!

    Well guys, its a very sad day today. I had to put down our cat. We had her for 14 years. My whole family is not doing well, as she was a big part of the family.

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    Thats to bad,never easy to do,but on the brite side there is no shortage of cats........................
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    Sorry to hear that, Bill. My condolences to your whole family. I've always been a realist and say animals are just animals, but when I had to put my Beagle (hunting buddy) down some years back I bawled my eyes out. It left an empty spot in my heart as my dad had died 3 years prior and she was all that was left of my hunting buddies. I honestly believe I could part with my wife with less trauma (she doesn't hunt).

    To this day I vow not to get another dog. I'd like to but although I miss them both it's a lot easier to cope now and it's nice being able to just lock the door and go on a trip without having to worry about a pet.
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    Very sorry to hear that Bill, my wife and I have two dogs and a cat and to us they are just like children and a major part of our family. I know the day will come for us, that too will be a very sad day.
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    Sorry to read that Bill. My condolencences to your family. I know how they feel, had to do the same thing 4 years ago, and back in the 90's I had a Doberman that I had to have put down, broke my heart, and to this day, I have'nt had another dog, although am thinking strongly about a Greman Shorthair Pointer puppy soon. Grandson's dog is getting real gray around his muzzle, the dog is nine now. Time will help, but the family will always feel the loss. Hug everyone, spread the love.
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    I understand, I'm sorry . We have a cat that is 16 and I don't know how much longer he'll be with us either. I just know it will kill my wife and kids (I might miss him a little too )
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