Just got back from setting up some trail cameras and when we got back to the truck we a covered with ticks. We had sprayed down before going out and none had dug in. Stripped down and checked each other out and again when we got home. Found a few that were off the areas we had sprayed and got rid of them. I am trying to hunt some river bottom land, can't hump the hills anymore. What, how do you folks deal with them during you scouting trips? There are ticks throughout the deer season here, but I've never seen what I did today. The Spray we used was something called (EcoSmart). I,ve got to go back and get those camers in a week or 2, guess I'll hose down with this stuff and take a garbage bag and some Black Flag to spray my clothes down after I get out of them to come home. My Jeep is going to get bug boomed and then I'll vacum it out real good. I think I hate these things.