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    Default Testing is complete

    I did change a few things up, but believe it's still a valid test. All shot were from 20 yards. All heads are 100 gr. except where noted.
    Bow: 65# Alien X
    Arrow: Easton 2216 Lite @ 399.4 gr.
    Target: Cow ribs (all within .15 thickness) in front of a Block target
    Arrow speed calculated at 249 fps
    KE calculated at 69 ft/lbs

    Penetration Depth:
    1. Shuttle T Locks
    2. Magnus Buzzcut
    3. Wasp Bullet
    4. Thunderhead (85 gr.) (lost one blade)
    5. ABC Sonic Pro (85 gr.)
    6. Rage 2 Blade
    7. Swhacker
    8. Slick Trick Magnum (no penetration past blades)


    1. Magnus Buzzcut ( dulled blades, no visible damage)
    2. Shuttle T Lock (dulled blades, slight nick in blade,)
    3. Wasp Boss Bullet (dulled blades, edge bent over on one blade)
    4. Thunderhead (lost one blade, others dulled)
    5. ABC Sonic Pro (dulled blades, edges bent, tip folded over"
    6. Rage 2 Blade (dulled blades, badly bent blades"
    7. Slick Trick Magnum (dulled blades, edges bent over, blades bent in towards each other losing the "X" pattern)
    8. Swhacker (totally demolished, ferrule badly bent, blades bent, only one blade deployed due to damage)

    Overall Performance:
    1. Shuttle T Locks
    2. Magnus Buzzcut (very close to #1)
    3. Wasp Boss Bullet
    4. Thunderhead
    5. ABC Sonic Pro
    6. Rage 2 Blade
    7. Swhacker
    8. Slick Trick Magnum

    The top 3 heads are all basically a toss up on which performed best. Slightly better penetration was the deciding factor in the overall. Had the Thunderhead not lost a blade, it would have been in the same running. The big suprises to me were failure of the Slick Trick Magnums (I have taken several deer with them and like them), the lack of damage to even the bleeder blades on the Magnus Buzzcut, and the total failure of the Swhacker.
    Pics are in the next post. Feel free to ask me anything about the test.
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