I'm sure some of you guys also own a few guns here and there. Currently I own a Mossberg 835 12ga. Just found out this past weekend, that my Grandma and Aunt are going to be passing down some of my Grandpa's firearms as he is on the decline and they want them to stay safe and in the family.

As of right now I'm on the list for a Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32ACP and a Smith&Wesson Model 59. Also will be receiving an authentic 1918 Trench Knife ... thing is pretty sweet. My Gram also mentioned she might look to pass on a Walther PPK 9mm. There is another Colt 1911 that I might be able to have as well.

Not sure what else is going to happen with the firearms, but he has a lot ... and by that I mean a lot! My cousin who was in the Marines will be receiving his M1 Garand and M14.

It's all sad to think about, but the positive side is that we are going to be able to keep a lot of what he has in the family.