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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlosII View Post
    off topic a little, but the stings on my new scepter v haven't budged. the peep is still right where i put it over 200 shots or more.
    Almost same thing on my new firehawk,it's going on 2 months, stock string has stretched 1/8" and peep hasent rotated yet.But im getting ready for new string and cables want a little color in my bow.....
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    The following was copied directly from the BCY website concerning the difference between creep and stretch and how they can effect your bow.

    Question: What is creep compared to stretch?
    Answer: Creep is non-recoverable elongation, unlike stretch which is basically elasticity or recoverable elongation. Some elasticity is necessary. Creep is a problem. It can cause the bow to go out of tune and the peep to rotate. The draw weight can increase or decrease and the draw length can increase or decrease.

    If your string set is 2 years old and you've had that much of a change in DW since last year, then its time to change out that set. It would take quite a bit of creep in the cable(s) to drop the DW 5-7#'s.

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    yea, I was kind of shocked ,at the amount of lost draw wieght ...I can't remmeber for sure what it was set at ,However,I am thinking it was at 57lbs last year start of hunting season ..I had been shooting my old bow as I got new a new string and cable on it ..Then I got my 2010 Firecat out and pulled it back and thought WTH ..So, I checked it its about 51 lbs ...not good ...well, I guess I need a new set for that one ...
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