Hello everyone,

Recently got a new bow. The Martin Scepter V pro, got the 50# limbs currently tested at 53.4#@29.5 draw lenght. I am currently in the process of selecting new arrows and was wondering about the lenght I should have them cut at. My old arrows were much longer due to the position of the rest making them 31". I finger release with a quicktune 750 BTW. Now with the current possition my arrows extend about 3" beyond the rest. I know they should be a bit longer but I figure 3" is a bit much. If I cut them at my bows draw lenght they would end up extending about 1.5" beyond the rest point and would save a bit of weight, adding a bit of speed (not a speed freak really so...). Is that sufficient or should I go 2" and make sure I have enough clearance should I ever choose to use broadheads. I don't hunt at the moment but it's something I am considering doing in the future.

Much appreacited.