Ok on my firehawk i have the cat2 cams,regardless of my draw length or what module is installed,short or long,or where the draw stop is,at full draw shouldnt the cables lay flat on the modules!
All the martin bows ive owned with cat or hybrix at full draw the cables have always layed flat against module.Well my cams come up at least a 1/4" short.Bow shop set it up like this said it was fine.But going over past bows im thinking it's not right.
I tried to readjust draw stop all the way to plus and when i did this it wouldnt hit limb because cable were holding it back.So i think what i need to do is let some twist out on the cables and adjust draw stop as i go to allow cables to hit flat,sound right!!!!
My ata is 29-1/2" BH is 6-3/4" online it says 29-3/4 ata and 7"BH,so what all think.I just want to get all the performance i can,bow shoots great but i need to know which is right,thanks.