Legit question here.
Talked the wife into trying a longer ata Martin today and it was the Silencer with the Fury X, right hand no less backed down to 38 pounds. Needless to say she was very surprised at how smooth the draw was and the solid back wall, she loved it after 10 shots. Here is my question. The internet is flooded with 2011 leftys, could I get her a 2011 and put the Fury X cam & idler on them? Seems to me it would work providing I use the appropriate string, ie : Silencer, Cougar/Firecat, or any Fury camed bow with the same ATA.

I also shot a right hand Pantera Mag and did not like the Fury cam vs the Acu-Trak on my 360. The Fury had a little too much "hump" for my liking. I just gotta say WOW on the easy adjustability of the Fury X, took them all of two minutes to get it from 70 to 38 and 26 to 28 on the draw length.