Look up this thread on AT. I've known about this for some time now--about 6 weeks. Obviouly I kept my mouth shut as I was supposed to. I know a little more than what was posted on AT, but again, am not in a position to divulge the information.

The point of this thread is to get some suggestions to improve their line of bows and quality. Hopefully somebody at Martin will read and take into account what their customers would like to see in the way of improvements. Bear in mind that only constructive ideas (not gripes) will be accepted and no bashing, please. I would like to start:

More attention to detail concerning cams and modules needs to be implemented. All areas such as string/cable grooves should be chamfered or rounded to eliminate abrading of string/cable servings. This bit of machining would save the company money replacing strings/cables from excessive wear and make customers very happy.