While I love the living snot out of my Bengal, like Barry has mentioned, chamfered edges on the module would most likely greatly help the cable wear that some are seeing. Going back to my Cheetah and the old style module or even the modules that comes on the Nitro/Hybrix - there is a flat where the cable is to come to rest, with the Fury mod, it just drops off, so there is no way to know what the proper rotation is or where the cable should come to rest. A little more clarity there would be killer.

I think they will continue to push the bar as far as riser design goes, as we have seen in the Bengal/Onza/XT/Nemesis to name a few over the past years and that is exciting. I think having more variance in the specs would greatly help. Right now there are a good number of bows in the 30-32" ATA range, which is fine with me, that is what I shoot, but I know there are more people out there that like longer bows. The Onza/Scepter/Pantera offer that, but I would bet 1 more in between Pantera and Scepter would probably make some folks happy.

The web presence lately on Facebook has been awesome, I think continuing to reach out through social media will continue to bring good things to Martin. I think some YouTube videos on process/manufacturing or tips, etc would be great.

I feel like they have really pushed the bar recently with what they can do and as long as they continue to prove it, things I think will take off. Regardless I'm a Martin/Rytera guy for life. Can pretty much guarantee I'll never own any other brand of bow ... even if it were given to me or I happen to win one in some crazy contest, I'd look to move it for a Martin.

I can't really comment on the traditional world as I have no experience with them, but plan to in the future.