I know the title to this thread is Martin archery in 2013 and what they can do to better improve their product. Everybody's going on and on about quality issues with their 2009, 2010 and 2011 bows. Those years were a low point for Martin archery and they certainly had more than their share of quality control issues, but, what about the 2012 bows? Martin has really stepped up to the plate this year. I have a wall full of Martin and Rytera bows in my bow shop and I would defy anybody to find any flaws on any of them. Every bow that has come in to my shop has been looked over, they all passed the test and then some. My customers are very happy with their purchases as well. As with any product there's always room for improvement but so far, 2012 is been a great year for Martin archery and I am proud to be a dealer for them.
Pat Finney
Prairie Archery