I have a half dozen recent Martin/Rytera bows, and probably 30 Martin/Howatt recurve/longbows. I have probably set-up a couple of dozen Martin/Rytera bows for friends.

Here are my suggestions to Martin, if they are interested:

1. Build a couple of versions of ILF risers and a range of limbs. Maybe a wood riser (17") and an aluminum riser (19"). Hoyt Excel and Tradtech risers would be a good examples of these.

2. Supply your bows with strings/cables that do not need to be replaced as soon as you buy the bow. The serving in the cam area should not be wearing out after a hundred shots. If this is the case, redesign the cam, finish the cam differently, or supply strings/cables with serving that can withstand the wear.

3. Supply your customers with more tuning information. A lot of shooters like to tune their bows to obtain the best performance. Give them as much information as you can. Dealers cannot be expected to spend hours tweaking customers bows.

4. Produce a riser that can handle 80-90# draw weights for heavy animals, ie: Cape Buffalo, etc. I put a set of Barnesdale 80# limbs on an Alien-X and the riser was bending so bad that the string derailed off the cam. Ended up having to buy a Mathews Monster Safari (Mathews...yuk!!!) to get an 87# bow.

5. Multiple sight mounting holes is a great idea that should be on all bows!

6. In general, your bows shoot good, maybe a little louder than some, and a little more vibration. The draw cycle on the Hybrix cams is excellent!

Hope you folks continue to produce great archery products for years to come!