Wow! A couple of rare Martin 'Limited edition' bows are for sale over on ebay. Beatuifull bows, both are #10 of the production run, both never shot. And of course, seller wants top dollar. But again, Wow!
First one is a "Buffalo Hunter" recurve, 62", 53 #'s @28". Built in 1995, been in case since. Yew and Black Walnut riser, Red Elm Limbs with Walnut and Yew tip overlays. #10 of 500. Comes with plaque. Buy it now for $500.

The second one is a "Mammoth Hunter" Long Bow #10 of 30. Built in 1994, it has remained in its case since, never strung. 64", 45 #'s @28", has Mammoth bone accents and tip overlays, on North English Yew riser. Not all of the 30 had the Mammoth bone overlays. Also comes with plaque. You can buy it now for $1500.

Well worth the look, artwork on them looks to be Pre Dreamcatcher.